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Introducing IDDT – the InDependent Diabetes Trust

Introducing IDDT

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We are an organisation for people living with diabetes run by people living with diabetes. We recognise that when one person in a family lives with diabetes, this affects other family members and we offer support to partners and parents. We raise awareness of important issues for people with diabetes and provide information in non-medical language. Read more…

IDDT’s Christmas cards now available!

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IDDT Christmas Cards 2018

Christmas seems a long way off but it always arrives faster than we think! Buying IDDT Christmas cards is one way that you, our members, can help to raise the much needed funds to support IDDT to help people with diabetes.

Click here to see this year’s cards and place your order


IDDT Conference, Kettering, Saturday 6th October 2018

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IDDT conference 2018

We would like to thank Dr Laurence Gerlis and Dr Gary Adams for their excellent presentations at this year’s conference. We must also thank Dr Mabel Blades, Dr Gary Adams and John Birbeck for leading the discussion groups as the delegates all appreciated having the time to discuss the issues that are important to them.

Please click here to find out more about the presentations at this year’s conference


Roche announces urgent recall on certain Accu-Chek Aviva and Performa test strips

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Accu-Chek Recall

Roche Diabetes Care have asked for a recall on certain batches of its Accu-Chek Aviva and Performa test strips. The affected batches could result in readings that are either too high or tool low which in turn, can lead to treatment errors.

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FreeStyle Libre availability update

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Availability of FreeStyle sensors – update: 31st July

Abbott, the manufacturers of the FreeStyle Libre, has announced it will increase the number of FreeSyle Libre sensors people can buy at one time from two to three at a time.

Customers will be limited to ordering once every 25 days and free postage will continue. This only affects people who buy the sensors privately and does not affect those who have the system prescribed on the NHS.

In addition, people who have been on the waiting list to buy the FreeStyle Libre since April 1st will be able to purchase the system in the “coming days” and they will receive an email invitation to purchase the system.

FreeStyle Libre, IDDT issues press release
July 26th 2018

Low numbers prescribed “game-changing” diabetes technology

Results from Freedom of Information requests carried out by the InDependent Diabetes Trust (IDDT) show just 30 out of the 144 CCGs who responded have prescribed the system to just 174 people. In response to a question on which criteria decisions about prescribing the FreeStyle Libre system are made, 23 CCGs failed to provide any data.

These figures are at odds with stats provided by Diabetes UK which show 9,690 across Britain have been prescribed the technology since November, which is still a low proportion representing less than 2 per cent of the 500,000 eligible people.

To read the full press release click here

As a result of our press release, on July 26th the Daily Express made the FreeStyle libre postcode lottery a front-page story with the heading NHS DIABETES SCANDAL: 490,000 sufferers denied life-saving glucose monitor PM uses.
This can be found online: https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/994343/nhs-postcode-lottery-denies-diabetes-patch-theresa-may-flash-glucose-monitor

Previous updates on this story appear below

We have had reports from people trying to purchase the FreeStyle Libre and the sensors from the manufacturers, Abbott Laboratories that there is a delay in supply. It appears that there is a 3-week delay in supply and a restriction of 2 sensors per order. This is said to be due to high demand, so hopefully it will be a temporary situation.

Update: 5th April

FreeStyle Libre not available to new customers

Abbott, the manufacturer of the FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring system has announced that they are not taking online orders from new customers until July 2018, due to unexpected demand. Therefore, people wishing to order the FreeStyle Libre for the first time will have to wait until July.

Abbott has also said that existing customers will be limited to ordering two sensors every 25 days. One sensor lasts 2 weeks.

Limiting the number of sensors does not apply to people who are obtaining the FreeStyle Libre free on an NHS prescription.

Leading experts slam current diabetes care in UK care homes – a Call to Action needed

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Professor Alan Sinclair slam current diabetes care in UK care homes

Diabetes care in nursing homes still remains “fragmented” and urgent steps need to be taken to restore the “health and dignity” of older people, leading experts have said.

A review of multiple studies carried out across 25 years involving residents with diabetes has slammed care home provision saying that care homes “often do not meet national standards” of diabetes care and staff training is “patchy”. 

Lead author Professor Alan Sinclair, from the Foundation for Diabetes Research in Older People and University of Aston, said: “Our findings show the level of diabetes care remains fragmented which is quite worrying because figures suggest over a quarter of care home residents are believed to have the condition. Without proper management, it can lead to frailty, dependency, disability and reduced life expectancy.

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Talking meter removed

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Talking meter removed

Meter for the visually impaired removed from the market
The SuperCheck2 blood glucose meter for visually impaired people has been withdrawn from the market by the manufacturer, Apollo Medical Technologies Ltd. This meter provided blood glucose readings through a voice system.

There is another glucose meter on the market to help visually impaired people with diabetes, the GlucoRx Nexus Voice Meter. This meter uses GlucoRx Nexus test strips and GlucoRx Nexus Lancets.

Walking in a group

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As we know, walking is good for our health and wellbeing, especially if you have diabetes. It is also known that walking with other people makes it enjoyable and encourages us to take more exercise.

During the summer months there are walks in Kennington, Oxfordshire and for more information click here. However, if you don’t live in that area there is an organisation called the Ramblers who have a national website which will help you to find walking groups around the country: www.ramblers.co.uk

Diabetes doubles over 20 years

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“The number of adults and older teens with diabetes in the UK has more than doubled over the past 20 years, with 3.7 million people aged 17 or older now known to be living with the disease, campaigners say.”

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Freestyle Libre available on the NHS!

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Freestyle Libra

On September 13th it was announced that the Freestyle Libre by Abbott will be available on the NHS from November 1st 2017 for people with Type 1 diabetes. This is a device which checks blood glucose levels by scanning a sensor worn on the back of the arm without having to prick the fingers, so non-invasively. Globally there are over 300,000 users and it is available in more than 35 countries. It is referred to as a flash glucose sensing device and is currently the only one in existence.

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Regular IRN-BRU is reducing its sugar content

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50% less sugar

IRN-BRU Reducing Sugar FactsheetFrom January 2018 IRN-BRU will contain approximately 50% less sugar. The sugar content per 100ml will reduce from 10.3g to 4.7g. For a time old and new products may be on the shelf together so remember to check the label.

People with diabetes should be aware of the carbohydrate content change and should seek medical advice.

Please click the image to zoom in for all of the info.



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neuropad® is a patented 10-minute screening test for the early detection of diabetic foot syndrome; a condition which can lead to serious complications such as foot ulceration and even amputation.  The test is completely painless. Think of the test as an early warning system for your feet.

List of published clinical studies: http://www.neuropad.co.uk/case-studies/
The price of the test comprising of two test pads is £14.99, no VAT payable and can be purchased from our website shop, or by phoning IDDT on 01604 622837.


Animal insulins continue to be available – statement from Wockhardt UK

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IDDT formed to maintain supplies of animal insulins, not only so that this choice of natural insulin remains available for everyone, but especially for the people who have adverse reactions to the synthetic human and/or analogue insulins. We never forget that this need still exists and we know that many animal insulin users worry about the continued availability of the animal insulin they need. Many are often wrongly told that animal insulins are no longer available.

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Position Statement – ‘pre-diabetes’

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The term ‘pre-diabetes’ has crept into our language and there is debate about its use. People who are at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes are now being classed as having ‘pre-diabetes’ or ‘borderline diabetes’.

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Diabetes-friendly socks

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Diabetes-friendly socks

IDDT now sell diabetes-friendly socks in our online shop. Our Comfort Socks have been developed for use by people with diabetes, vascular disorders and other circulatory problems. Our Fuller Fitting Longer Sock is for people who find it difficult to wear ordinary socks. These are made with a large circumference top and are suitable for people who may be suffering from oedema (swollen legs), for example.

The Comfort Socks retail at £8 and the Fuller Fitting at £12 per pair including p&p. To order your socks, please visit our online shop, or phone IDDT on 01604 622837.


Driven to Despair

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This is the title of a report issued by the Parliamentary and Health Ombudsman on October 20th 2016 and the title page describes it as ‘How drivers have been let down by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)’.

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