Update from Ukraine, 2nd May 2023

As we know from the TV News, the situation in Ukraine is still desperate, so we are very grateful for all the donations of unwanted, in-date insulin and diabetes equipment that have been sent to IDDT by members and many other people, including health professionals. We continue to receive jelly babies and our knitters are sending hats, gloves and toys for the children and one of our founder members gave £5,000 worth of sleeping bags for the cold weather which were purchased from a neighbouring country.

Children and adults pose for a photo in front of a red cross banner holding donations from IDDT

Our latest consignment of 103 boxes were sent to Ukraine before Easter and included:

  • 1,026 pre-filled insulin pens, 417 insulin cartridges and 129 vials of insulin,
  • 19,075 blood glucose test strips and 650 ketone test strips,
  • 4,475 metformin tablets,
  • numerous lancets, pen needles and other items.

The financial donations we have received are helping to pay for the fuel for the vans that are delivering the boxes to Ukraine. This last consignment went in a van with 50 wheelchairs donated by another charity.

Everything is reaching the people in need, mostly people in Kherson and Kharkiv areas. It is especially important that the help is reaching people in the villages where people can’t afford expensive medicine and equipment. One person reported to us that his grandma is 83 years old and her monthly pension is 51 pounds. Most of the elderly people in the villages are in the same position. He asked one lady why she doesn’t monitor her blood sugar level regularly and she answered, that test strips are expensive for her and she economises on them… He tells is that this is just one more example of how great your help is …

Adults in Ukraine holding insulin donated by IDDT members

A huge thank you to everyone who is helping IDDT to help people with diabetes in Ukraine, to the drivers who transport the boxes and the people in Ukraine who are enabling this help to reach the people in need.

Please help if you can!

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