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Global systematic discontinuation of animal insulins
Personal importation of pork insulin in the US no longer possible


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Welcome to the IDDT US

The InDependent Diabetes Trust (IDDT) is a registered charity [not-for-profit organisation] which formed in 1994 in the UK by people that live with diabetes for people that live with diabetes. Perhaps this is where we differ from other diabetes organisations – we know from experience the difficulties, the worries, the fears and the sense of achievement when things are going well. We are concerned with listening to the needs of people who live with diabetes, understanding those needs and doing our utmost to offer help and support. We not only want to help those who actually have diabetes but also their caregivers – the husbands, wives, partners and parents, indeed, all of us who ‘live with diabetes’.

IDDT is especially concerned about the needs of people who are unable to use synthetic ‘human’ or analogue insulins because they suffer unacceptable adverse effects and therefore they need pork or beef insulins.

The systematic discontinuation of natural animal insulins in countries around the world means that some people are unable to obtain the animal insulin they need. We believe that we have maintained supplies of beef and pork insulins in the UK for as long as we have because we, the consumers, have fought a battle for the consumers’ right to have an informed choice of insulin species. Also because our insulin market is not entirely controlled and dictated by three major insulin producers – the UK is lucky enough to have a small company dedicated to the production of beef and pork insulins. However, people who need animal insulins are in a very vulnerable position, especially in countries such as the United States where animal insulins are no longer available. This is the reason for the formation of IDDT-US. In 1999 we formed an umbrella organisation, IDDT-International, to address the global threat to the availability of animal insulins for people who need them.

The Trust is run entirely by voluntary donations and we do not accept funding from the pharmaceutical industry in order to remain uninfluenced and independent.
Your news, views, concerns and questions are always welcome. If you would like support or information about diabetes, insulin or IDDT- US, then please contact us.

Contact: Jenny Hirst, Co-Chair:
Jenny Hirst
InDependent Diabetes Trust
PO Box 294
tel: +44 1604 622837
e-mail: [email protected]

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Your membership will also help us to try to ensure that people with diabetes have a choice of insulins to suit the needs of everyone that requires insulin treatment.

We hope that you will join IDDT – US!