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Join Us BadgeThe InDependent Diabetes Trust is very much a patient/carer centred organisation. It is run by people who live with diabetes for people, who live with diabetes so we understand some of the day to day difficulties that occur.

Why join IDDT?

There are many other sites that will tell you about the factual and medical aspects of diabetes. We understand from experience some of the problems that may occur are not just factual or medical and that living with diabetes is not always easy. We understand and offer a listening ear when it is needed. We provide information in non-medical language which we can all understand.  We offer help and support to people with adverse reactions to synthetic ‘human’ and analogue insulins. Thanks to the help of our members we lobbied government to ensure that natural animal insulins remain available for the people who need them. Our activities have widened but ensuring that people with diabetes have an informed choice of treatment is still our priority. We try to represent the needs of children and adults living with diabetes and the larger our membership the more powerful is our voice.

By joining or renewing your membership of IDDT you will help to ensure that people with diabetes receive the care and treatment they deserve.  We are an independent, international patient/carer organisation – probably one of the very few in the world and certainly in the world of diabetes. IDDT has a policy of not accepting funds from the pharmaceutical industry, so that we remain independent and uninfluenced by income sources. Our source of funding is entirely by voluntary donation and we are very grateful for this help.

We hope that you will join us

If you would like to make a donation to IDDT choosing to Gift Aid your donation will allow us to reclaim the basic rate of income tax paid on the cost of your donation. For every £10.00 that is donated to IDDT in this way we can reclaim an extra £2.50. If UK tax is deducted from any of your income, ask IDDT for a declaration form and when you receive it, post it back to us and we do all the rest. Please show your support by joining IDDT now, we do appreciate donations to help with our costs.


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  • You do not have to make a donation to become a member. However, making a donation helps us to help members like you, by providing free leaflets and information packs, providing services to all of our members, and allowing IDDT to survive as a charity.

    Please note that, although we offer an online service that allows you to donate to IDDT, the providers of this service will take a percentage of your donation to cover their running costs. However, if you call us directly to donate, IDDT will receive all of the money that you give.

    To make a donation by credit or debit card, please telephone IDDT on 01604 622837


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