Type 1 Diabetes – Know the Facts

The InDependent Diabetes Trust (IDDT) is pleased to announce the launch of their new booklet Type 1 Diabetes – Know the Facts’.

The booklet has been produced to provide people with information about Type 1 diabetes in non–medical language. When Type 1 diabetes is diagnosed in a child, a young person or an adult, there is much to learn. It is not easy to take in all the information at once, so this booklet provides a source of information to be used as and when needed.

It aims to help people to understand more about Type 1 diabetes to help them with the ongoing management of the condition and reduce the risk of developing long-term complications.

Type 1 Diabetes – Know the Facts is available to patients free of charge, but a small postage & packing charge will be made for healthcare professionals requesting multiple copies.

Download an electronic (PDF) copy here –
Type 1 Diabetes – Know the Facts.

Or order the printed version via the –
IDDT Leaflets order form