Raise Money For IDDT Through eBay

Almost all of us with access to the internet have heard of eBay, the online auction site, and quite a few of us have used it to buy and sell items – over 20 million people at the last count! What you may not realise is that every time you sell an item on e-bay you could raise money for IDDT. And it’s not difficult to do!

How do I donate by selling stuff on eBay?

  1. Log on to www.ebay.co.uk
  2. Once you are ready to sell your item, go to the Sell hub and select ‘Advanced Sell’. [If you’re stuck, you can get some tips on how to list.]
  3. As you are filling out the details, look out for the charity box just below where you set your price. Select IDDT and the percentage of your final selling price that you would like to donate [between 10 and 100%].
  4. A week after your item sells, Missionfish, eBay’s charity partner, will automatically collect the donation from you. You can also manage your donations through the ‘My Donations’ section of MY eBay under the ‘My account tab’. Any free credits will appear on your next invoice.

You Win – every time you list an item for charity, you’ll get a fee credit on your basic insertion and final value fees equal to the percentage you donate. So if you donate 50% of your selling price to a charity, eBay will waive 50% of your fees.

We Win – every time you sell an item Missionfish will collect your donation and after deducting a small fee to cover administration, pass your donation on to IDDT.

Something Else to consider

If you run a business that uses e-bay to sell then you can also register to donate to us, again with benefits; your listings are highlighted with a yellow and blue ribbon, your business is associated with a good cause and there are significant tax benefits.

For more information go to www.ebay.co.uk/ebayforcharity/sell.html and click on the link to businesses.

If you would like further information please contact Martin at IDDT on 01604 622837 or e-mail martin@iddtinternational.org