Carers Corner

Introduction – Carers Corner

IDDT is a charity concerned with listening to the needs of people who live with diabetes, understanding those needs and doing its utmost to offer help and support. We not only try to help those who actually have diabetes, but also their family carers – the husbands, wives, partners and parents. We all live with diabetes and we recognise that when one member of the family has diabetes, it affects all the other family members to a greater or lesser extent. Family carers have views and needs, they may well be different from those of the person with diabetes, but nevertheless, they are valid and important.

Note: Parents of children with diabetes are very special sorts of carers and if you are a parent then you should visit the section ‘Parents and Family‘.


Carers Direct on NHS Choices is a comprehensive, award winning resource for carers of all kinds. To find out more, please visit the NHS Choices website:

NHS Choices: Carers Direct