Passport for Diabetes in Care Settings

The charity, the InDependent Diabetes Trust (The Trust), in partnership with the Institute of Diabetes for Older People (IDOP) and the English Community Care Association (ECCA), announce the launch of their new ‘Passport’ for people with diabetes in care settings.

The Passport is intended to be used in settings such as residential homes to provide carers with vital information about their clients’ diabetes needs.

The Trust, IDOP and ECCA have joined forces to highlight the urgent need for greater understanding of diabetes and the training and support that is required.

By following some very simple steps outlined in the Passport, care staff can manage people’s treatment, which in turn should help avoid unnecessary hospital admissions.

Passport to provide ‘greater understanding’ of diabetes

IDDT Chair Jenny Hirst said: “Through no fault of their own, many care homes are underfunded and have very little access to the training necessary to manage diabetes.

“The Passport is intended to provide greater understanding of the needs of people with diabetes and will benefit both the care staff and those with diabetes.”

The Passport will bring ‘simple but dramatic improvements’

Professor Alan Sinclair, a world-renowned expert in diabetes and Director of the Institute of Diabetes for Older People, commented: “Our current research shows that the proportion of residents in care homes with diabetes has approached 27%.

“We know that many care homes want to improve the quality of care for this large group of people, so this invaluable Passport should bring simple but dramatic improvements, by ensuring the vital sharing of patient information.”

Care homes to get an ‘extremely practical booklet’

Professor Martin Green, the English Community Care Association’s CEO, commented: “Our Passport is an extremely practical booklet.

It will help staff in care homes and also community and acute health services, to really understand the person with diabetes and help them to deliver appropriate care and support.

The Passport’s publication will help both residents and staff manage diabetes more appropriately.”

Get your copy

Free samples of the ‘Passport for Diabetes in Care Settings’ are available by contacting IDDT by emailing [email protected], calling Martin on 01604 622837 or ordering the printed version via the – IDDT Leaflets order form.

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