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About IDDT

The InDependent Diabetes Trust (IDDT) is a registered charity based in the UK which formed 1994. Our aim is to listen to the needs of people who live with diabetes, understanding those needs and doing our utmost to offer help and support. We not only want to help those who actually have diabetes but also their carers – the husbands, wives, partners and parents, indeed, all of us who ‘live with diabetes’. We recognise that when one person in a family has diabetes, all other family members are affected to a greater or lesser extent and they all have views and needs which may be different from the person with diabetes, but nevertheless are important.

The Trust was set up to look at some of the day to day difficulties of living with diabetes, the worries, fears and concerns that perhaps we don’t talk about at the hospital clinic- the ones that many of us experience and understand because we actually live with diabetes. As a charity, IDDT has a Board of Trustees and all our Trustees either have diabetes or have family members with diabetes. So we all know first hand that while diabetes doesn’t rule our lives, it is an important part of them. It needs care and attention, it can be a nuisance and it is not without it’s problems!

Within a few years of our formation, we were contacted by people in countries around the world in need of the information and support we offer and so IDDT-International was formed. This offers an umbrella for groups and individuals from countries around the world to be part of the world to share experiences and information to the benefit of people living with diabetes.

IDDT also tries to represent the best interests of people with diabetes and campaigns on their behalf and becoming a member of IDDT is one of the best ways you can help us. Membership of IDDT is free, as is all the information we provide, but it is to help us with our campaigning issues that we ask people to join us – the more people who become members, the louder and more powerful is our voice. So please join us.

The Trust is run entirely by voluntary donations and we do not accept funding from the pharmaceutical industry in order to remain uninfluenced and independent.