Update from Ukraine, November 2023

The news from Ukraine is not good and in November 2023, the BBC reported that in occupied areas Ukrainians are being denied food, passports, pensions and probably worst of all, medical services unless they become Russian.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU), an alliance of public service media including the BBC, reported that one refugee from the occupied territories, told about one of her friends who was not provided with insulin for her diabetes unless she applied for a Russian passport.

Donations from IDDT members

Another friend had to become a Russian citizen to have her broken arm treated. At the end of 2023 IDDT sent another consignment of insulin, Type 2 tablets, glucose meters, needles, lancets and pump equipment to Ukraine to help people with diabetes. In addition, we have sent hats, scarves and gloves from our knitters to help adults and children through the cold winter weather.

We can only do this with the help of all the people who have donated unwanted diabetes items to IDDT. So a huge thank you to all of the families living with diabetes, thank the healthcare professionals who have sent the unwanted
items from their practices and of course, our knitters thanks to the health professionals.

IDDT will continue to support people with diabetes in Ukraine, so if you have unwanted, in-date diabetes items, please send them to IDDT at the following address: 210 Abington Avenue, Northampton NN1 4PR.

Getting the consignments to Ukraine is not easy so we are very grateful to the drivers and our contacts in Ukraine. We also have to thank IDDT staff for collecting and sorting all the items you send and also for getting the parcels to the pick-up point at short notice!

Please help if you can!

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