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The need for support

During 2023 we learned that for many people who contacted IDDT, there is a great need for help, support, information and sometimes, just someone to listen to the worries and fears that people have!

This is awful!
Firstly, as the prescription was for tablets it has to be assumed that the diagnosis was for Type 2 diabetes. Treatment of Type 2 diabetes used to start with diet only before deciding that tablets are necessary, so where was the dietary advice? Is it just easier and quicker to put people on tablets to lower blood sugars? Then we have to remember that whichever type of diabetes it is, it is always a serious condition for which people need education/information to maintain their health and avoid long-term complications.

Secondly, just telling people to ‘Google it’ is unacceptable! If this advice has to be given then at least, people should be told which websites are reliable, such as the NHS (www.nhs.uk). It is worth remembering that there is a lot of misleading or plain wrong information on the internet and people selling books some of which are based on opinion, are not evidence.

How does this happen? How can people be expected to manage their diabetes or find more information if they are not told what type of diabetes they have? This simply should not happen!

These examples just show that there is a lot of work to be done and IDDT is here to do it!

InDependent Diabetes Trust