Personality, Stress and Blood Glucose Levels


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Stress and Blood Glucose Levels
Personality, Stress and Blood Glucose Levels
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Personality, Stress and Blood Glucose Levels

In a study, published in the June issue of The Journal of Health and Social Behaviour, researchers examined the behaviour, personalities and blood sugar levels of 57 people with Type 1 diabetes and 61 with Type 2 diabetes. The participants were divided into two groups according to personality types – self-controlled types and reactive emotional types. The results showed:

  • People with Type 1 diabetes appear to be more susceptible to physical harm from stress.
  • Among the Type 1 group the self-controlling types had better blood glucose control under stress and the emotional reactive types had worse control.
  • In Type 2 diabetes where some insulin is still being produced, the body’s ability to automatically manage its own affairs is impaired but remains in tact.

There may be little that we can do about our personality but understanding ourselves and what is happening to us can help to reduce the effects of stress.