Be careful about completing your driving licence application online!

One of our Type 1 members phoned today to warn other people of his experience with the DVLA online driving licence application.

In 2009 he had laser treatment on his eyes but since then has no further trouble. In 2016 his licence was renewed without any problems and without a field test being required. Just recently he received a reminder that his licence was due for renewal and the letter said that he could now complete this online, so he did.

He was then informed that he had to go to Specsavers for a field test. On telephoning the DVLA to find out why this was as his eyes have not changed since 2016, he was told that if he had completed the paper application, then it would have been handled by a real person and he would not have been required to have a field test but the computer system could not do this.

It appears that if you have had laser treatment at any time, then you will have to go to Specsavers for a field test because the online system can’t differentiate between people whose eyes have settled down since laser treatment and those whose eyes have not.

Our member was then told to ignore the request and his licence would be issued without visiting Specsavers for a field test!

His advice to others: if you have diabetes and if you have ever had laser treatment, do not use the online driving licence application system.

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