Free life-changing technology for people with Type 1 diabetes

NHS patients in England with Type 1 diabetes are now eligible for a free continuous glucose monitor (CGM) after the health service secured a new ‘cost-effective’ deal.

Earlier this year, the NHS announced it would rollout CGM technology to everyone living with Type 1 diabetes as part of its ‘Long Term Plan’ to deliver world-class healthcare. Now a deal between the NHS and manufacturer DEXCOM means a CGM called the Dexcom ONE Real Time-Continuous Glucose Monitoring will soon be available on prescription to people with Type 1 diabetes.

The Dexcom sensor is no bigger than a bottle cap, connects to your smartphone device, and will provide real-time glucose monitoring for a maximum of ten days once affixed to the patient’s arm. With a CGM, someone with Type 1 diabetes can track their glucose levels dynamically, adjusting their insulin doses and other treatments as necessary.

The CGM will be prescribed either by the patient’s GP surgery or hospital and comes in a starter pack including all the components – a sensor, transmitter and product information – required to start measuring blood glucose on the go. Afterwards, patients will be able to get repeat prescriptions at a pharmacy.

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