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Kidney Failure

AS we have said above, each kidney contains about I million nephrons to carry out the filtration of the waste products. If the number of nephrons is reduced by damage to the kidneys then the remaining nephrons work harder and the overall kidney function is maintained. However, once a certain amount of kidney tissue has been damaged the surviving nephrons are under increased pressure, become damaged and kidney function declines.

What can be done if my kidneys fail?
If your kidneys fail then you will be treated like any other kidney patient.

  • Dialysis. There are two forms of dialysis which remove extra water from the body and the waste products that have built up in the blood. This keeps you ft and well while you are waiting for a transplant.
  • Kidney transplantation replaces the lost kidney function. It is a treatment not a cure. For many people it provides the optimum method of treatment because it removes the constraints of dialysis and restores a ‘normal’ lifestyle. There are two barriers to widespread successful kidney transplantations – a shortage of donor organs and rejection after surgery by the body’s immune system.
  • Dietetic advice on what foods can help to make you feel better.
  • Medications from your doctor to help other problems such as blood pressure and water removal.