Diabetes – Foods, Meds and More

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Over the last 20 years, many people have asked us for advice on living with diabetes, from lifestyle choices to what to eat on a daily basis. We have now produced a book that we hope will answer those questions, with an emphasis on lifestyle, dietary information and recipes.

The book covers: Meals – recipes and ideas for meals and snacks to include; everyday recipes – breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert; Weight loss recipes; Recipes for specials diets – coeliac disease, vegetarian, vegan; Recipes and advice for snacks, takeaways, eating out and travel; Recipes and advice for parties, with a section about alcohol Management – the different types of diabetes and information on lifestyle issues, including treatment and prevention of hypoglycaemia, advice about physical activity and exercise, and guidance around sick days.

Medication – the ways Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are treated, with information on different types of meals and how these link with insulin, medication and physical activity. We want people to know what they can eat, rather than what they can’t. We understand from experience that healthy eating means different things to different people, and we also differentiate between lifestyle essentials and lifestyle choices. This book is not only about everyday meals and snacks, but contains recipes for special diets, special occasions, exercising, travelling, and if your blood glucose levels are high or low.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will help IDDT to continue its work to help people who live with diabetes.