The IDDT Lottery

The winners of IDDT’s lottery draws!

IDDT LotteryWe are delighted to announce the winners of the November 2018 draw of our monthly lottery. They are as follows:

1st prize of £543.84 goes to Andrew from Bath
2nd prize of £407.88 goes to Mavis from Doncaster
3rd prize of £271.92 goes to Susan from Hereford
4th prize of £135.86 goes to Mascha from Worthing

October 2018

1st prize of £548.00 goes to William from Solihull
2nd prize of £411.00 goes to Jacqueline from Derby
3rd prize of £274.00 goes to Terry from Romford
4th prize of £137.00 goes to Anon. from Northwich

September 2018

1st prize of £521.76 goes to Patricia from London
2nd prize of £391.32 goes to Eric from Nottingham
3rd prize of £260.88 goes to Linda from Enfield
4th prize of £130.44 goes to David from Doncaster

Thank you to everyone who joined in IDDT’s lottery.
If you would like to join in for just £2.00 per month, then give us a call on 01604 622837 or email

Past winners of the IDDT Lottery

The IDDT Lottery

The IDDT Lottery helps to fund the provision of FREE IDDT booklets and leaflets, which means that information about the various aspects of diabetes is available to everyone, regardless of income. All the money that we raise through the lottery goes directly to help people with diabetes and their families.

It only costs £2.00 per month to enter the monthly draw. 60% of the total subscriptions (the prize fund) will be paid out as four cash prizes of 40%, 30%, 20% and 10% of the total prize fund.

The winners each month will be informed and details published on our website at the end of the first week of the month. The winners for the previous three months will also be published in our Newsletters, although there is the option to remain anonymous.

Playing is easy. Just fill in the standing order mandate in the Lottery information PDF below, return the form to us and we’ll enter you into our monthly draw. You are welcome to enter as many times as you like through multiple sign ups if you want to increase your chance of winning!

The more people who join in, the bigger the prize!

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