IDDT Triumphs in Australia

The Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust (IDDT) – after many years of lobbying – has at last succeeded in facilitating supplies of pork insulin into Australia.  Previously, people with diabetes in Australia who wished to use porcine animal insulin were forced to import it via the UK, but with the intervention of IDDT, pork insulin is now available from Aspen Pharmacare Australia.

IDDT Chair, Jenny Hirst commented, ‘We are so pleased that at last people in Australia have choice.  This has taken years of lobbying and although in the past it was possible for Australians to import some animal insulins from the UK, this proved to be extremely problematic.  This was largely because insulin doesn’t travel well in high temperatures and is adversely affected, and the cost of importation was extremely high.

Although the pork insulin (Hypurin Porcine) is not a registered product it is available through a government Special Access Scheme (SAS) on a case-by-case basis.   It is a Category B product and applications for its supply can be made by registered medical practitioners.

Ian Kershaw, IDDT’s Australian campaign officer said, ‘This is a real breakthrough for us here in Australia.  Prior to this new supply route it was almost impossible for people here to use porcine animal insulin.  However, thanks to everyone’s hard work we now have easy access to this insulin here in Australia.’

In order to make the supply as simple and fast as possible for both patients and healthcare professionals, Aspen Pharmacare have prepared very clear instructions on how to order Hypurin Porcine Insulin with prices and SAS forms, all of which are available by telephone, fax or on their website (details below).

Notes to Editors

For further information on the supply of pork insulin in Australia, please contact:

Aspen Pharmacare
tel: 02 8436  8300
fax: 02 9901 3540

Ian Kershaw – IDDT Australia
tel: 03 6334 7552
e-mail: [email protected]

Press Contact
Veronica Wray (London, UK)
tel: 0011 44 20 8568 8546 or 0011 44 7710 624454
e-mail: [email protected]

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