Medical ID wristbands

Leather Ice Medical IDLeather Ice Medical ID is for people who don’t want an ID that screams ‘condition’. It is sometimes difficult to encourage children, teens and adults to wear some kind of Medical ID as they don’t want to stand out from the crowd. The wristbands come in two sizes Small/Medium or Large/X-Large.

But the Leather Ice ID Wristbands and Keyrings are fun and subtle, yet display vital and potentially life-saving information. The wrist band is comfortable and lightweight, made of soft leather, embossed with two Medical Alert Symbols and wording of your selected medical condition. 

The Emergency Medical Alert Symbol is universally recognised when worn by someone, to alert medical emergency personnel to medical conditions.  For this reason all the Medical ID wristbands and keyrings have the Medical Alert Symbol embossed on the leather.

It can also be useful to have information such as name of the person and an emergency contact number. This can be written with a permanent pen (which LeatherIce also sell) on the inside of the wristband or on the card stored inside the keyring.

Leather Ice ID products are made in the UK and for each item purchased, they kindly make a donation to charities, including IDDT.

Introductory offer!

Leather Ice is giving a 10% discount as an introductory off to IDDT members until mid-October and after which they will receive a 5% discount. To obtain this discount, when ordering, please use the code ‘IDDT’ on the coupon.

Leather Ice Medical ID KeyringsFor more information or to order visit

The Wristband looks like a festival bracelet so it is popular with teenagers and young adults (and older adults!). It is comfortable and lightweight, made of soft leather, embossed with two Medical Alert Symbols and wording of your selected medical condition. The design is subtle enough not to bring unnecessary attention, but for any Medical Emergency Personnel, the medical condition is clearly displayed on the leather.

A name and emergency contact number can be written on the inside of the Wristband with a Permanent Pen. The Plain Wristband can be personalised with wording of your choice – why not buy one for a sibling or a friend. The keyring has a Popper Pouch to store medical information or money. Most people have keys with them when they go out and younger children can attach a keyring to a schoolbag or medical supplies bag. The Medical Alert Symbol is embossed on the front, with OPEN ME embossed on the back. This brings attention to medical information written on the supplied card using a Permanent Pen.

The Plain Keyring can store a £1 coin or folded-up banknote and we offer an embossing service to personalise it. The ID Holder is a great present for people who are hard to buy for – make it unique by using our embossing service to personalise it. The Pet ID is for your pet when you are on holiday and leave your pet with someone to be looked after.  It is an inexpensive and simple way to ensure your pets ‘carer’ can be contacted in your absence. Write the contact details of that person on the back with a Permanent Pen. Or use our embossing service to personalise it with a telephone number on the back.

If you have any special requests for any of the Leather Ice products please CONTACT us and I am sure we can help.  For example, you may want an extra hole punched in the Wristband if the sizes are just not right – just ask – we are flexible. Leather Ice ID products are Made in the UK and for each Leather Ice ID product purchased, we make a donation to charities, including IDDT (InDependent Diabetes Trust).