Recycle Empty Ink Cartridges

And Raise Funds for IDDT

Recycle Empty Ink Cartridges
Raise Money For IDDT Through eBay


Do you just throw away empty inkjet cartridges?
Why not Recycle 4 IDDT?

How it works

Contact IDDT for a FREEPOST envelope by tel 01604 622837 or email

You put empty inkjet cartridges in the FREEPOST envelope and send them off to and for every inkjet IDDT receives a donation.

Up to £1 is donated to IDDT for every empty inkjet cartridge

Collect the following:

  • Dell inkjets
  • Canon inkjets
  • Lexmark inkjets
  • Hewlett-Packard inkjets

You cannot send Epson inks or laser / toner cartridges

Unfortunately from April 1st 2015 there has been a Royal Mail policy change regarding the donation of mobile phones and they can no longer be sent via Freepost bags. However, this policy does not affect the donation or ability to recycle inkjet cartridges through the Freepost recycling envelopes, so please keep these coming.

Please help IDDT to help people with diabetes
Start collecting empty inkjets now!
Ask your family, friends and work colleagues to help too.