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Personal Importation of Pork Insulin from the UK

As animal insulins have been discontinued in the US and beef insulin is no longer being made in the UK , people in the US can access pork insulins they need from the UK by importing for personal use from Wockhardt UK. Importation of drugs for personal use is allowed when a particular drug is not available in the US. Wockhardt pork insulin products are manufactured in a sterile facility designed to specifications of the UK MHRA and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

How to import pork insulins
Wockhardt UK has expanded the procedure and the numbers of forms that have to be submitted before people can import pork insulins into the United States. The procedure includes the need for a doctor’s letter and doctor’s prescription.

The details of how to import pork insulins can be found by visiting Wockhardt’s website:

Or you can contact Wockhardt UK as follows:
Wockhardt UK Ltd
Ash Road North
Wrexham Industrial Estate
Wrexham LL13 9UF
tel: +44 1978 661261
fax: +44 1978 660130

Wockhardt insulins have different names from the United States.

The chart below shows the types of insulin available from Wockhardt, the duration of action and the equivalent U.S. name/type where possible:

Hypurin Porcine Neutral [Short]

Regular / R

Hypurin Porcine Isophane [Intermediate]


Hypurin Porcine 30/70 Mix  [Premixed]


The packaging of Hypurin insulins is in braille to help blind and visually impaired people. All the Hypurin insulins are available in 10ml vials and Porcine Neutral, Isophane and 30/70 Mix and bovine Neutral and Isophane are also available in 3.0ml cartridges for use with pen injection devices [AutoPen Classic by Owen Mumford].

Important Point to Remember:

Any change of insulin both type and brand can alter your control especially in the first few days, so you need to monitor more closely.