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IDDT in Germany


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Insuliner is a patient/carer based organisation almost entirely made up of people with Type 1 diabetes, but not exclusively so. Like many patient organisations formed to help and support people and to represent their interests, Insuliner is an informal organisation that has no hierarchical structure. It is made up of small groups of people throughout the country that meet together regularly and offer support and help to each other.

Information about Insuliner:

  • Offers help and advice from the perspective of people who have the experience of living with diabetes.
  • Provides information.
  •  Offers an opportunity for problem sharing.
  • Provides help to accept diabetes as part of your life and the life of your family.
  • Tries to bring influence to bear to see improvements in the care of people with diabetes.
  • Surveys industry in a critical way.
  • Believes in the patient’s rights to the therapy that suits each individual person the best and campaigns for the continued availability of U40 strength insulin and, therefore, natural animal insulins. 
  • Insuliner the Journal is Insuliner’s regular communication with members.

Insuliner represented the needs of people who require U40 strength animal insulin and campaigned strongly for the rights of this group of people to have the insulin therapy that suits them best.

In Germany, just as in many other countries, people reported problems when using synthetic