Wockhardt UK pork insulins are available in Canada

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Wockhardt UK pork insulin’s are available in Canada
Hypurin pork insulin – assurance of continued availability


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Wockhardt UK pork insulins are available in Canada

September 2007

Following Lilly’s discontinuation of pork insulin in April 2006 in Canada, Health Canada gave licensing approval to Wockhardt UK to distribute Hypurin Pork insulins throughout Canada.

Wockhardt supply the following insulins:
Hypurin Pork Regular in vials
Hypurin Pork NPH in vials


How to obtain pork insulin in Canada (April 2019)
There have been reports that some pharmacies are not supplying people with NPH and Regular pork insulin. The main distributors are McKesson but this company appears to be having some difficulties and people are being told that they are out of stock, which is causing some people to panic, not unreasonably.

For the present time, this is how to proceed:
1. People who rely on one of the larger commercial pharmacies should request them to submit a “Request to Order” to a company called Kohl & Frische which will obtain the insulin from Nucro-Technics. They will need to order a minimum of 4 vials (such as 2 NPH, 2 Regular) otherwise it’s too expensive to supply it.

2. If they use a smaller, independent pharmacy they can advise them the insulin is available directly from Nucro-Technics in Toronto. The pharmacist can contact the company and ask for Pamela who is the one who seems to be on top of everything. Her contact number is 416 438-6727.

3. To address the immediate issue, Health Canada had suggested that individuals could go through the Special Access Program to obtain the needed insulin but this is unacceptable so Nucro-Technics is ion discussion with Health Canada about a long-term solution.

We will try to keep you informed of any further changes.

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