Hypurin pork insulin – assurance of continued availability

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Wockhardt UK pork insulin’s are available in Canada
Hypurin pork insulin – assurance of continued availability


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Hypurin pork insulin – assurance of continued availability

From December 2018, people in the US will not be able to import pork insulin from Wockhardt UK.  

This is due to stringent Regulatory Controls, leaving Wockhardt UK with no choice but to discontinue supply of Hypurin Porcine & Bovine insulin which is directly supplied to the patients in the USA on a “Name Patient basis”.

On November 30th 2018, Wockhardt issued the following statement which offers reassurance to people in the UK who use Hypurin® porcine insulin.

Wockhardt UK Ltd – Supporting Diabetic Patient Choice

Wockhardt UK has been committed to the provision of Hypurin® Porcine Insulin for many years, recognising the medical needs and preferences of patients with diabetes.

At Wockhardt UK, we firmly believe that maintaining freedom of choice for diabetic patients is important and we are committed to continue the supply of our Hypurin® Porcine Insulin range to the UK and Canada for the foreseeable future.

Hypurin® Porcine Insulin is available in 10ml vials and 3ml cartridges and are an alternative to human or analogue insulins.

Here is the link on Wockhardt’s website: