Synthetic ‘human’ insulin versus natural animal insulin

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Pork and beef insulins available in the UK
Synthetic ‘human’ insulin versus natural animal insulin
Animal insulin – Minister’s letter
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Synthetic ‘human’ insulin versus natural animal insulin

IDDT has campaigned for the continued availability of pork and beef insulins since its formation in 1994 when significant numbers of people experienced adverse effects from synthetic human insulins. The continued availability of animal insulins was threatened which would deny people the insulin they need to remain healthy. The major insulin manufacturers ignored the needs of this significant minority of people with diabetes and in 2007 they discontinued manufacture of animal insulin. However, thanks to a smaller supplier, Wockhardt UK, the UK is one of the very few countries where pork and beef insulins are still available.
By the late 1990s  the major insulin manufacturers introduced insulin analogues and these synthetic insulins also caused some people to have adverse effects, all too often not acknowledged by their doctors and diabetes team.

Below is a summary of the lobbying campaign carried out by IDDT and its members – it’s a record of how we did it!

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