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Insulin and Driving Taxis
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Insulin and Driving Taxis

March 2007

The Department of Transport issued guidance for insulin users who hold licences for driving taxis. Previously, whether or not a taxi driver using insulin was allowed to drive a taxi varied according to local authorities with some having automatic bans. IDDT is aware that some people with Type 2 diabetes have avoided going on to insulin in order to keep their taxi driving licence – not good for their long-term health but understandable when they have a family to support.

The new guidance for England and Wales published in October 2006 recommended that ‘best practice is to apply the C1 standards’. CI licences are issued annually but only after applicants have successfully been through a strict medical assessment. Hopefully local authorities will now follow this guidance and the standards will not vary from one area to another and nor will people whose diabetic control is satisfactory be denied their livelihood. For taxi drivers who do receive an automatic ban, this guidance can be used to argue their case.