Withdrawal of Mixtard 30

Withdrawal of Mixtard 30

Novo Nordisk plans to withdraw Mixtard 30
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IDDT opposes Mixtard 30 withdrawal

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Novo Nordisk plans to withdraw Mixtard 30

The Herald Scotland [June 9, 2010] published an article stating that Novo Nordisk plan to discontinue human Mixtard 30. Although no formal announcement has been made at the time of writing, in the article Novo Nordisk does not deny that this is their intention as “we continually review our portfolio…. This has resulted in a gradual discontinuation of older animal and human insulins….”

These changes will upset thousands of people who have successfully used this type of insulin for many years and who will be forced to change their insulin not for health reasons but for commercial reasons. We are hear to support you through any changes you have to make, so don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01604 622837.
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On June 23rd 2010, Novo Nordisk announced the withdrawal of human Mixtard 30 and that this will affect around 90,000 people who will have to change to a different insulin. In its statement, Novo Nordisk said, “Novo Nordisk has provided detailed information and support to health professionals to ensure that patients are moved to an appropriate alternative insulin prior to 31 December 2010. In addition, Novo Nordisk will be working with people running diabetes clinics to assess the impact of this change and provide nurse support where appropriate.”

This withdrawal is not in the best interests of people with diabetes and is a further reduction in the number and types of insulin available to their varying needs. In addition, IDDT is unhappy with many aspects of the withdrawal and opposes the withdrawal Click here for more information