IDDT opposes withdrawal of Mixtard 30

Withdrawal of Mixtard 30

Novo Nordisk plans to withdraw Mixtard 30
Nearest equivalent insulins to Mixtard 30
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IDDT opposes Mixtard 30 withdrawal

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IDDT opposes withdrawal of Mixtard 30
Actions taken by IDDT against the withdrawal of Mixtard 30

IDDT immediately wrote to the Secretary of State for Health, Health Ministers, Chair of the All Party Diabetes Group, Adrian Sanders MP, the National Clinical Director for Diabetes, Dr Rowan Hillson and various other interested people. We requested that if they could not persuade Novo Nordisk to continue to supply Mixtard 30, that they at least put the following measures in place:

  1. That Novo Nordisk gives at least 18 months of notice of withdrawal as many people with diabetes only attend a clinic 12 monthly. This will also help diabetes clinics to cope with the extra workload involved.
  2. That patient safety must not be compromised. Although Novo Nordisk may consider the analogue, NovoMix 30, to be a superior product, there is no independent evidence to show this and it may not be suitable for some people. So patients must be informed of the nearest equivalent insulins from other companies, such as Humulin M3 by Eli Lilly.
  3. It is imperative that patients are reassured that they will be offered an independent and informed choice of insulins, including those of other manufacturers. Therefore if there are nursing staff shortages due to the pressure of numbers of people needing appointments, any ‘additional’ nurses should be sourced and trained by the NHS and not by Novo Nordisk.
  4. In view of the restrictions which many GPs place on the number of blood glucose test strips that people with insulin-requiring diabetes receive, it is essential for the safety of patients that there are no restrictions are placed on the numbers of blood glucose strips prescribed during and after the changeover period.

IDDT is doing what it can to try to ensure that Mixtard 30 and a wide range of insulins remain available to suit all needs. In the meantime, if we can help you, support you or provide information on the choices of insulin that are available, then please do call us on 01604 622837 or e-mail [email protected].