Treatment – Diet For People With Coeliac Disease and Diabetes

Diabetes and Coeliac Disease

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Diabetes and Coeliac Disease
Treatment – Diets For People With Coeliac and Diabetes
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Treatment – Diet For People With Coeliac Disease and Diabetes

A strict gluten free diet is the only treatment that puts the intestine back to normal.

Diabetes requires a well balanced diet with plenty of carbohydrate but once coeliac disease has been diagnosed, providing carbohydrate becomes more difficult as many of the carbohydrates we eat and enjoy, such as bread, pasta, cereal, pastry, crackers, biscuits and cakes contain gluten which has to be avoided. This is particularly difficult for children. These foods can be replaced with gluten-free products, some of which are available on the NHS in the UK. But as there is no gluten in the flour, the products do not have the same consistency and taste and are often not so delicious.

Here are just some of the difficulties:

  • There is a lack of choice
  • Pre-prepared foods are much more difficult to obtain because many of them contain gluten eg the flour used to thicken sauces contains gluten.
  • It takes time to become familiar with the ‘hidden’ gluten eg wheat flour is often used as a carrier for flavouring in such things as crisps.
  • Buying gluten-free products is very expensive.