March 28th 2022 – a call for Type 2 diabetes drugs

Last week, IDDT sent 49 boxes to Ukraine containing insulin, blood glucose meters, test strips, other supplies and plenty of jelly babies to treat low blood sugars to Ukraine which arrived safely. Our contact, Dmytro, in Ukraine sent the following message:

We have received all the boxes save and sound. We have already delivered some of the insulin on Friday to the hospital and to some people who came for help. On Tuesday it will be sent to other hospitals in Zhytomirsky and Kyiv region. People are very happy to get some sweets in their today’s lives – extreme thankful for this. If possible, add please some oral antihyperglycemic remedies:
Metformin, Glibenclamide, Diamicron, Glimepiride, Glucophage.
Thank you very much.
Let God bless you!

The drugs that are being requested are all to treat Type 2 diabetes and they are now desperately needed, so if you have any of the above drugs that are unwanted and in date, please post to the following address:

210 Abington Avenue

Your help is very much appreciated

If you need to contact us, please telephone between 10.00am and 3.00pm on 01604 622837 Monday to Friday or email [email protected]

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