Soft Drinks Warning!

As part of the government policy to tax sugary drinks, many soft drinks are likely to be reformulated to contain less sugar. This has implications for people who use such drinks to treat a hypo – the changes mean that they may not be receiving as much sugar as they think. So the golden rule is to ALWAYS check the label.

IDDT has been contacted by the manufacturers of Lucozade to say that they are bringing out their newly formulated version with less sugar in April 2017. However, they also say that both the higher sugar version and the 10% lower version will be on sale at the same time, until stocks of the original are all sold. This adds to the confusion and makes it even more important that you check the labels to know the sugar content.

This is likely to happen as other products are reformulated so do check the labels for the sugar content of drinks you use to treat hypoglycaemia.

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