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NHS England: Tens of thousands given life-changing diabetes monitors thanks to the NHS Long Term Plan

This is the title of a press release issued on 22nd October 2019 and its key statement is: “Nearly 30,000 people across the country with Type 1 diabetes have received life-changing diabetes monitors through the NHS Long Term Plan.”

It goes on to stay that this means people with Type 1 do not have to carry out multiple painful finger prick checks to monitor their blood sugar levels. Instead, people with the condition can monitor their blood sugar levels in a much more convenient way, the FreeStyle Libre.

Ahead of schedule in delivering the NHS Long Term Plan commitment of 50,000 people with the condition, over half of the people eligible are already in possession of the device within the first three months.

New data revealed has shown the early success of the scheme funded by the NHS Long Term Plan with 28,453 patients in receipt of monitors and 177,000 sensors being prescribed within the first three months.

The good news
The NHS is writing to local leaders to ensure this rapid uptake continues, medical directors are being urged to further build on the successful rollout to ensure people across the country reap the benefits of the life-changing technology.

However, to qualify for the FreeStyle Libre, the criteria for it being prescribed have not changed yet Prevention Minister, Jo Churchill stated: “We are putting the power back in the hands of people with Type 1 diabetes, so they can more easily manage their condition. I look forward to these numbers growing, as more people are empowered to use this innovative technology to improve their quality of life.”

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