Animas stopped selling insulin pumps in the UK and Ireland

Animas, a leading manufacturer of insulin pumps has stopped making and selling insulin pumps in the UK and Ireland. The company, owned by Johnson and Johnson, announced in October 2017 that they were leaving the insulin pump business in the US.

They will continue to offer pump support, providing pump supplies and upholding its warranty support for the Anima Vibe for a transition period. Pump supplies will be available until the end of the pump’s 3-year warranty.

The transition period gives people time to change to a different pump and Animas are recommending that people change to the Medtronic pump, although they do not have to change to this brand.

Animas encourages users of the Animas Vibe with any questions to contact the Animas Customer Support team on 0800 0288039 (UK users) or 1800 812715 (Ireland users).

Note: Animas has stated that the closing of their UK insulin pump business will not affect LifeScan (makers of the OneTouch blood glucose monitoring products), Dexcom (continuous glucose monitors) or Diasend (data sharing software) products.