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IDDT Funded Research Findings
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IDDT Funded Research Findings

Report – the actions of insulin analogues

Differences in bioactivity between human insulin and insulin analogues approved for therapeutic use – compilation of reports from the past 20 years
Pluripotency-associated stem cell marker expression in proliferative cell cultures derived from adult human pancreas
Controversies in the use of insulin Analogues
Long-acting insulin analogues elicit atypical signaling events mediated by the insulin receptor and inslin-like growth factor-1 receptor
Insulin analogues display IGF-1-like mitogenic and antipoptotic activities in cultured cancer cells
Resistance exercise as an intervention to improve glucose homeostasis

Treatment Uncertainties in Type 1 diabetes
A Priority Setting Partnership – progress report

Update on progress – November 2010

Patient Choice in the Treatment of Diabetes: the role of information provision

Pilot Study
Literature Review
The antimicrobial effect of Fijian honeys against clinical isolates from diabetic foot ulcers