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Participating in research – OK to Ask


Participating in research – OK to Ask

The National Institute for Health Research are coordinating a campaign to highlight research around ‘International Clinical Trials Day’ on 20th May, with the slogan: “It’s OK to Ask”. The campaign, which is being run during 2013 and 2014, aims to encourage patients and carers to ask healthcare professionals about taking part in studies, as well as giving healthcare professionals ‘permission’ to ask patients and carers about taking part in research.

May 20th is the chosen date because it marks the birth of James Lind who ran the first randomised controlled trial into scurvy on board British navy ships but the campaign is.

Clinical research is the way treatments are improved in the NHS. Doctors will often tell their patients about research but the aim of this campaign aims to keep research at the top of the NHS agenda.

In a recent poll only 21% of patients and the general public said they would feel confident asking their doctor about research opportunities.

The details about the campaign and taking part in research can be found at the following website: