Get involved

Get involved

We’re not asking you to run a marathon – unless you want to! However, if you want to get involved in our anniversary fundraising drive, then any effort, no matter how little or large, would be valued.

We’ve set the fundraising target at £20 per challenger because it’s attainable. It’s easier to ask your friends and loved ones for a pound rather than the larger amounts expected by other charities.

The challenge also presents an opportunity to get fit. A chance to resurrect any failed New Year’s resolutions, while helping to ensure the continuation of our work.

So, are you up to the challenge? The criteria is simple:

  • Activities should be completed in 2014
  • A minimum target of £20 should be attempted
  • Be prepared to celebrate your efforts

Still interested? Check out our fundraising pack for useful information to help you on your way to becoming an IDDT £20-challenge champion!