The £20 challenge

The £20 challenge

We’re 20 years old and to mark this momentous landmark achievement we’re asking our members to raise £20 to ensure 20 more years of IDDT.

Be part of our future

In the beginning it was a day-to-day battle. At one stage we couldn’t even afford stamps, but as the word spread and our passion emerged, we became ‘the’ independent voice for people with diabetes. Now in 2014, while our commitment and resolve is still absolute, in this present economic climate, we need your support to guarantee the continuation of our work.

That’s why we’re using our anniversary as a call for every member to embark on a fundraising mission. Big or small, spectacular or modest, whatever you may choose, your efforts will always be appreciated.

Against the odds – the story of IDDT

We formed in 1994 to fight for the continued availability of animal insulin. Against the $300-billion-a-year global pharmaceutical industry and UK government, we won an historic, 11-year, David versus Goliath campaign to secure choice of insulin for all.

In the early days it was all about our fight for animal insulin, but then we quickly started to realise there was a huge demand for across-the-board support for people with diabetes – independent support. The remit of IDDT began to grow.

Twenty years on and we have a free, confidential helpline, providing support to anyone affected by diabetes. We’ve published dozens of helpful and service-influencing publications. We stage events and lobby government on behalf of our members.

Continuing the fight

We’ve emerged as a fully-fledged charity, solely dedicated to the interests of our members and everyone living with diabetes. However, as with many charities we rely solely on donations and we need your support to secure our future.

Can you raise £20 for 20 years of IDDT so we can continue to make a difference to people living with diabetes?

Get involved in 2014, whether it’s a marathon, readathon or coffee morning, we need your support.

Or go straight to the fundraising pack for ideas and more information