Ukraine – Insulin and Diabetes Supplies Urgently Needed – IDDT Appeal for Help

Update: November 2022. Please watch the video to find out how your donations are helping the people of Ukraine.

The deepening crisis in Ukraine means that there is an increasingly desperate need to help people trying to live with diabetes.

It is hard to believe that not only are the people of Ukraine having to fight for their country and freedom, but they also are in desperate need all their diabetes supplies.

As the bombing continues, pharmacies close, hospitals run out of supplies and supply routes targeted.

Ukraine flag

IDDT has been contacted by people in Ukraine becoming ever more desperate for help:

Still, here, in Ukraine, we are simply out of stock of the vital simple necessities. They are all gone. The supplies were interrupted and they are not expected in the nearest future.”

If you have an opportunity to provide any small or bigger help or know someone who can be of help, please respond to this letter.”
*******, citizen of Ukraine, name withheld for security reasons (Received 9.41pm, 2nd March)

We are also now in contact with orphanages where children with diabetes are in need of insulin and other diabetes supplies.

IDDT has always supported ALL people with diabetes and this is one of the most important appeals we have had to make. We have joined forces with other organisations to do our best to help to get supplies to where they are needed as quickly and safely as possible.

We have to remember:

  • People with Type 1 diabetes who run out of insulin have only days to live.
  • People with Type 1 diabetes who run out of food, can be comatose and need hospitalisation within a couple of days.

Here’s what we need!

  • Insulin in pens, vials or cartridges
  • Insulin syringes
  • Blood glucose meters and test strips
  • Lancets and lancet devices
  • Glucagon
  • Hypo treatments – packets of Jelly babies from the supermarket are a good example!

All items to be NEW, UNUSED and IN-DATE

What to do next
If you can help with any of these items, please send them to IDDT at the following address:

210 Abington Avenue

Note: If you need to contact us, please telephone between 10.00am and 3.00pm on 01604 622837 Monday to Friday or email [email protected]

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