FreeStyle Libre availability

We have had reports from people trying to purchase the FreeStyle Libre and the sensors from the manufacturers, Abbott Laboratories that there is a delay in supply. It appears that there is a 3-week delay in supply and a restriction of 2 sensors per order. This is said to be due to high demand, so hopefully it will be a temporary situation.

Update: 5th April

FreeStyle Libre not available to new customers

Abbott, the manufacturer of the FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring system has announced that they are not taking online orders from new customers until July 2018, due to unexpected demand. Therefore, people wishing to order the FreeStyle Libre for the first time will have to wait until July.

Abbott has also said that existing customers will be limited to ordering two sensors every 25 days. One sensor lasts 2 weeks.

Limiting the number of sensors does not apply to people who are obtaining the FreeStyle Libre free on an NHS prescription.