Collecting the donations

The Just Giving website

Just Giving is the modern way to collect sponsorships. It’s free and easy to use. You sign up, fill in your details and then a webpage is created, which your supporters can visit and donate electronically. It means you avoid the hassle of collecting cash. When setting up your Just Giving account, you will need to select the InDependent Diabetes Trust as your beneficiary.

They claim gift aid and then take their very small fee from that. So, if you had raised £10, Just Giving would then claim gift aid from HMRC, taking the total donation to £12.50. Then they deduct their 5% and after taking the card-processing fee of 1.3%, the total amount that comes to us is £11.74.

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IDDT Sponsorship Form

Not everyone wants to donate online, so if you want a sponsorship form, then
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