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By February 9, 2017Latest News

Knowing that nerves in your feet are damaged is vitally important – because this puts your feet at a higher risk of injury and requires you to be much more meticulous in your footcare.

Prof. Andrew Levy, at Bristol University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, has invented a clever tool that helps to quickly and easily identify an early sign of a problem with the feet – the inability of the nerves to distinguish between a touch and a vibration – the VibraTip®, a small battery operated device, emits a calibrated vibration when squeezed. Only the operator knows when the VibraTip® is active because the device runs silently. If the patient cannot distinguish between a touch with vibration and a touch without vibration at the end of the big toe, nerve damage is suspected and further tests and advice are needed. Click here to read more

The simplicity of the test also allows a family member or friend to check patients’ feet at home, looking for those early signs of any loss in protective nerve function.

A VibraTip® costs only £14.30 and can be ordered from the IDDT Shop or by phoning IDDT on 01604 622837. Each device is individually blister-packed and can be used thousands of times before it needs replacing.

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