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IDDT in New Zealand

IDDT does not have a formal group in New Zealand but we do have members who live in New Zealand and we are aware that some people suffer the same adverse effects of ‘human’ insulin that are experienced by people in other countries. So some people in New Zealand need beef and pork insulins.

Insulin Availability in New Zealand
People are automatically treated with genetically produced human or analogue insulins, Pork and beef insulins are not available and have to be imported on the ‘importation for personal use’ as used by people in other countries.
The details of how to import beef and pork insulins can be found by visiting Wockhardt’s website:

Or you can contact Wockhardt UK as follows:
Wockhardt UK Ltd
Ash Road North
Wrexham Industrial Estate
Wrexham LL13 9UF
tel: +44 1978 661261
fax: +44 1978 660130