DVLA issues new driving guidelines

By July 6, 2012arch

On June 21st 2012 the DVLA issued new guidelines aimed at making it easier for drivers with diabetes treated with insulin to understand the new driving rules to comply with the European Directive introduced in 2011.

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LGV drivers unaware of the need to test if they are taking tablets

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Driving and hypoglycaemia – what are doctors being advised to do?

The Association of British Clinical Diabetologists [ABCD] has recognised that the EU Directive on standards of driving in diabetes will have a significant impact not only on drivers with diabetes but also on the doctors who complete medical reports for the DVLA. The ABCD has clarified their response to the Directive and this basically advises doctors on their actions with their patients on the most important change – hypoglycaemia. [Practical Diabetes Vol. 29 No1] It seems sensible that people with diabetes know what advice their doctors are receiving, so below are the key points in the ABCD recommendations to doctors.

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